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The Fractal Ouroboros

by Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze

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Wheels of Mercury
Wheels of Mercury thumbnail
Wheels of Mercury This hasn't fully grown on me yet, but it does contain the ritualistic feel carried over from their 2019 debut. Hopefully the layers will reveal themselves to me in due time...
Sælzer Bub
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Sælzer Bub Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze‘s sophomore album creates a cruel and disharmonic atmosphere. The Fractal Ouroborus is ambient and dissonant and infused with doom elements.
An extraordinary black metal experience. Favorite track: Annihilation.
dmbc thumbnail
dmbc 2023 saved the best for last with this album. A more than worthy successor to Offerings of Flesh and Gold.

The tracks feature meditative, atmospheric passages transitioning into soaring crescendos of black metal exhilaration. The vocals are a heartfelt conveyance of lyrical content that invites the listener to contemplation, critical theory, and hope. Favorite track: Ekstasis, Enstasis, and The Fractal Ouroboros.
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Trophy 11:52
My milkteeth hang from a cord around my neck. A victory, The first A trophy of my worth, Extension of my will. Pairs of fangs and cloven hooves hang from a wire around my neck. A conquest, to best my equal is to best myself. The truest test, Earning a new day. Glittering gems and heated metals hang from a strip of leather around my neck. I have wrenched these from the earth, Imprinting myself into the soil, And it’s soil into me. An exaltation of gripping, seething hunger. A last breath before I immerse myself in lifeblood In and out I remain steadfast In Out in A man’s last blood and breath hang in a ring Around my neck. He took from me, And so I took from him. Tore his throat out with my hands. His blood sustains me.. I take the smallest fingers now, and hang them on a necklace Around my neck. I no longer fight the earth for her treasure. My thrall do it for me, And when they die there are Always more Bodies broken upon my will hang by the dozens Around my neck. I take their families now, their worlds belong to me. An example to the rest of this world. Inertia whirling infinite Smog and rust form a halo Around my neck. The bodies lie in piles but they cannot weigh Me down. Their prize for setting me free The inevitable conclusion All is earned by sweat blood and will This earth’s frigid corpse hangs as a corona Around my neck. I was made to consume everything See my tail The last great conquest Devour the devourer An ouroboric cycle Your young watch and learn Their milk teeth hang from A cord around their necks
Every line we have ever drawn has been one made of blood The flesh price paid for the scant liberate And the exploited die in the mud The reason to use cages Is to deny them humanity Debasement is control Commodified suffering Ultimately discarded detritus. We wear this cage upon our brows, A last reminder as we devour these babies We snap their bones, showing our amnesty and grace Devour the defining marrow Our history is cages made of brittle broken bones These children We will eat them, And vomit forth their skeletons to build our walls It’s not just their bodies and hearts that we feast on It’s the future of their souls The fight in their eyes. This is what we eat A history of cages and of brittle broken bones A lineage writ of black boiling blood The mirror of humanity, A stone thrown towards a skull, The lapping tongue upon Spilt and splattered dreams.
A fire to burn our beginning away A fire to erase the roots A fire to destroy indigene A fire to keep us gasping The way is closed We have nowhere else to go Drunk on the black blood of the earth You burn the freedom you fear A fire to ensure our endings A fire to keep us ravenous A fire to shatter our sky A fire to keep us kneeling Suffocate O Earthen Lungs They now lungs of ash Suffocate o Earthen Lungs They now lungs of ash Our heavens are black And when they have their way We’ll be buried in shallow graves These lungs are a weapon This heart is a weapon These trees, the grasping claws of the earth, These trees are a weapon We shall be the pit vipers Our voice the wurari spat across a red sun A poison to seize these horrible gears of industry They do not see Once we turn these terrible gears They will be shattered and gnashed In our teeth Filling our bellies forever
Annihilation 09:41
The sunset fires catch The dust, hanged throughout the air. Screaming glints against a bruising sky He has been taken by the earth. Spinal roots grasping soil, clutching air, drinking greedily Never forgetting thirst. The lungs bloom, Expanded fractal corolla crown Pink, yellow, blue, green, pink A salutation to the sun. Hands still reach, always reaching Each fleshy mote starved for texture, Writhing without writhing. An inutterable moan, Reverberant longing. Vein blossom vertebra, tiny petals gasping at the stars Mouths agape and wanting, Lolling tongue swole, still sick with spore. Jawbone curve calcified, Toothed plumage of smoke. A voice never silenced, Just speaking Slowly. A skull defiant, Gray matter halo, Staring through the endless maw of sky. Tendrils ache higher, gorging sun and moon. A cairn, a headstone, a henge. A colony, a garden, a growth.
A burning of cedar, and sage A clean smoke, clarity Meditate on the ash. Temper it with a thumb, Or a forefinger, And feel it on the skin. It is a comfort The transition, the change Focus, the tree is the incense, And all ash is ash. So we all shall be. We are not our bodies We are not our minds We are not our spirits All are yokes Shield the eyes to block the light And remove oneself, Indistinct of air, and water, And earth, sighing deeply. Breathe. All layers succumb, Flesh giving way to flesh, Calcium and dendritic fibrous forms. In the remaining nothing is a single mote of light. Ash alchemy melded into muscle memory. As light our chains fall away As light our chains fall away We are the light, molded as we will As light our chains fall away
Following fires is the pain Of unexpected growth and Limbs who are already spent A crowning ashen spire And roiling waves of gray It’s natural to feel the fear Each with our own apocalypse Every change a world’s end Each muscle torn, cataclysm An ending worshipped And abhorred Since humanity’s dawn A creaking of time Pleading to the sky For conflagratory rebirth I’ve shaped my own apocalypse And lived through hundreds more The end is a churning of the world As cyclic and predictable As its very rotation Progress is armageddon An ending is a gift we are all given And we will value it til the next Other endings will come, Let us rejoice And welcome the rebirth
A cyclical reverberant motion These stirrings The rhythms of this pulsing Beating Muscle Twist of spirit Twine of bone An ecstatic wrenching of the soul A breaking of links This is true freedom Transcendence bursting from the bones Tongues stretch and flick within Elastic spirit, sublime inflection Eyes on the inside Veins touched by intrinsic, aching light Boundless depths within oneself Refractions of god amongst the humors Molten metal drips, The last vestige of their false bondage The neuron bright center of stars Visage igniting internal visions Wheels of wheels, thoughts of thought A delving of the mind, Mental mines birthing obsidian, wellsprings. Coiled wire of Conjured connections Beside Oneself Within Transcendence of anima fog A cycle of insight contrary to a cycle Of ever gnawing hunger The cycle begets the cycle Influence outbound The Fractal Ouroboros Change is impossible because it has never happened A shameful fucking fear Reaching out with phantasmal limbs began from within The Fractal Ouroboros Made anew Linked minds, bonded ka Arm in arm towards newfound light Transcendent rebellion We break the irons and Forge linking arms Walking hand in hand toward Ecstasy Actualization Absolution Truth Our burning hearts, Seething in righteous fury, Each coal kindled by a soul taken too soon We march towards an apocalypse An ending shall begin Within and Without We break the irons and Forge linking arms Walking hand in hand toward Absolution Ecstasy Actualization Truth


The Fractal Ouroboros
A Brief on Occult Liberation in Seven Parts
This Cycle Shall Be Destroyed


released December 21, 2023

Athshean (they/them) performed Guitars, Bass, Harmonium, and Synthesizers
Yaeth (he/him) performed Drums
Achaierai (he/him) performed Voice and Synthesizers
Lyrics written by Achaierai
Music by Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze

Mixed and Mastered at
Big Name Recording Studio

All artwork done by the master Alex CF

Released in alliance with Fiadh Productions and Vita Detestabilis Records

Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze stands as a knife pointed to the throat of any who seek to maintain the oppressive systems of white supremacy and fascism that continue to fester in our societies.

Dismantle The Police.
Dismantle All Prisons.
Protect Trans Kids.
Black Lives Matter.
indigenous Voices Matter.


all rights reserved



Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze Colorado

Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze is a collective against hierarchies, and the power structures that divide and separate humanity. The power that you feel inside you should be focused as a knife point into the hearts of those that only know how to consume, and those that live off the backs of the downtrodden.

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