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Offerings of Flesh and Gold

by Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze

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I From the cacophonous roar, beauty springs. A blood streaked rose rising from a pile of shit. We dance as the drones film us, and we fly higher than they. The only thing higher than our spirits are the flames, And the flames are more easily doused. It was only a matter of time before we danced on the faces of kings. All we can say is that we will try something different. If it works then it works. If it doesn’t then at least we tried. Our being in spite of yours. Holding hands and stomping ash and burning down the may pole. And the only ones who fear tomorrow are they that make t’morrow harder. O! a smile like blood! Growing pains never stop we have outgrown our shell. II I am that oil fire, black and burning and full of spite, tendrils in all directions. I singe the past and flood the future. Will the blood or the water reach our eyes first? We will bear our young and birth them in your lungs in your hearts in your minds And in your young and they will gorge themselves on you, and grow fat, as you were. An insect left to fester. That is fine. We embrace the shadows you loom over us. Soon they will be shadows no more. A lurking fear in the back of your heart.
At the end of all things is a mouth made of light, teeth dripping like stars, sharp as the edges of our perception. We cannot see behind us nor behind the doors but we still know what goes on in the deep dark places. The offerings of gold and flesh no longer concern me, I have drank enough blood and bile to have grown my eyes on the inside. I see through the veil and I see through the dream. I have dug into myself, ripping out sinews and black fibrous waste leaving only what remains, here and now. We cannot transcend while still chained to this feeble carbon. Rip it away, rip it away. At the end of all things is a mouth made of light, Teeth dripping like stars, Sharp as the edges of our perception. At the end she will be waiting, To devour the shards that make up our aether Our forms will become her shining maw, Our lack, the space between her gleaming fangs Our muscles, her snapping jaws and the universal viscera that drips from them forever I renounce my flesh And I embrace my purpose I renounce my flesh And I embrace my purpose It was writ upon my soul as I was molded in the nothing. We were born to be devoured by the infinite.
We cover our heads in reverence. And so our station is known. What we do today will reverberate throughout eternity. What is a realm without a king? An empire without an emperor? What is a domain without a god? They have left us to fend for ourselves for far too long. And that is what we shall do. We cover our faces so we may act Without mercy Without hesitation Without fear We offer a freedom only dreamed of. Burn ourselves away, leaving only the idea An invincible obsidian will. A black death, Descendant of the mountains. Old and creaking and furious. They should worship us, kiss our feet from their ivory thrones. But no, We toil, and suffer, and break, and die so that they Will have more. All we wanted was enough. But they wanted more. No more. Put the apis bull in the brazen one. A funeral for all these gods. Set the fires, hear the screams. Applewood, ash, and flesh. The pyres will burn forever. We will melt the thrones to cast bowls and spears. So man may know the true god, themselves. And none shall ever go hungry again.


Cassettes and VINYL available through Tridroid Records:

CDs available through A Moment of Clarity Recordings (sold out).

"Offerings of Flesh and Gold" is the debut record from Colorado and Washington based black metal outfit Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze. It stands as a testament to the power of extreme music, hoping to channel that energy into creating tangible change. They are aggressively antifascist, antihierarchy, and anticapitalist. They are for the downtrodden and the disenfranchised.

"...over undulating mountains of blast beats and through deep valleys of ambient retreat, Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze create nothing short of sonic catharsis for anyone who’s been fucked by life’s game and those who rigged it...this album fits perfectly on the playlist to our eventual retribution."
- Invisible Oranges

"Simply put, they’re one of the few lines of defense against those who would trample the world into dust in order to achieve their ends."
- Clandestine Sounds

"Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze know that the results of politics live in the material world but their roots live in the spirit and in the heart, producing extreme metal that presses against the same place of intense spiritual ecstasy and longing as Wolves in the Throne Room and Neurosis. Not only a sign of the profound beauty and power of extreme metal but a perfect example of why columns like this exist."
- Consequence of Sound


released June 21, 2019

Achaierai: Lyrics, Vocals, Synthesizers, Chants
Athshean: Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Chants
Yaeth: Drums
Recorded amongst mountains and maws in Colorado and Washington
Mixed and Mastered at Big Name Recording Studio
All art by Alex CF


all rights reserved



Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze Colorado

Bull of Apis Bull of Bronze is a collective against hierarchies, and the power structures that divide and separate humanity. The power that you feel inside you should be focused as a knife point into the hearts of those that only know how to consume, and those that live off the backs of the downtrodden.

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